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There are many cybersecurity threats and it is important to remember that most of them are avoidable. It is important to share cybersecurity awareness to help you protect organization, along with actions to take if you are impacted by a breach, cybercrime, or other online issues.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training Service

  • Luminologies provides customized structural and culturally sensitive Cybersecurity Awareness Training.

  • Its Adaptive Awareness Framework ™ provides tools to expand employee knowledge and to change behavior, both vital to building a risk-aware culture. 

  • The training program and content can follow existing standards in content and presentation with existing Learning Management System (LMS).

  • This flexibility allows for easier consumption and adoption where standards exist or create new foundations where there are no existing training regimes.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training Features

  • A stimulating and engaging learning experience

  • Easy to update security content as needed from our adaptive security library

  • Highly engaging and interactive training content

  • Full of Real-life examples and applications

  • SCORM and AICC compliant for easy LMS integration

  • LMS Hosting

  • Client support and reporting

  • Updated content to meet needs of trends and regulatory changes for HIPPA and PCI

User Awareness Training Continuous Reinforcement

Storage of sensitive information
Passwords and Retention
Phishing and Other Scams
Safe and Secure Use of Cloud Services
Mobile Devices Usage

Luminologies can provide a range of IT Security and Cybersecurity Awareness Training services adapted to your environment. Cyber threats are growing in frequency and awareness is first layer of defense.

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